01. id & card

Once you come in, an awesome West Texas Tap House employee at the front counter will ask for your ID and a credit or debit card to start your tab.

02. scan

Once you have ordered your food, you will be given the key that unlocks the taps of your dreams!…well more like a wristband. This wristband will have a 32 oz limit to pour and your name and card linked to it.

03. pour

You’re all set to begin! Scan your wristband on the WTTH logo to begin pouring. Grab a glass and choose the beer or wine you would like to sample. You can pour as much as you want, our system will track the ounces for you.

04. drink

Enjoy! Try any of our 60 taps. As we like to say: Scan, Drink, and Repeat.

05. Done

Are you ready to close your tab? Make sure to return your wristband to our front counter employee. You will only be charged for the amout you poured. Until next time!

60 taps,

your choice

(915) 849-8008 | 1960 George Dieter Dr Bldg.6 Ste.A, El Paso, TX 79936

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